privacy and policy

We are deeply aware that the personal information of our customers acquired through the system development industry is important information that constitutes privacy.

In order to respect our customers through the proper handling of personal information and to meet the expectations and trust of our company, the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Law), other related laws, industry regulations, social norms, public order and morals In order to safely manage the personal information of all people related to our company, we will establish rules and systems that include the following items.

1. Acquisition, use and provision of personal information

In consideration of the above business content and business scale, we will appropriately acquire personal information, handle personal information only within the scope of the predetermined purpose of use, and will not use personal information beyond the purpose.

In addition, unless otherwise specified by relevant laws and regulations, we will not disclose or leak to a third party without the prior explicit consent of the customer. In addition, with the prior explicit consent of the customer, the Company shall be able to use personal information for purposes other than the intended purpose or provide or disclose it to a third party. To that end, we will prepare procedures for handling personal information and strive to educate our employees.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

In handling personal information, we will check and comply with national guidelines, ordinances, and other norms such as related guidelines such as the Personal Information Protection Law.

3. Implementation of security measures to protect personal information

In order to ensure the safe and appropriate handling of personal information, we have established a management system as a “personal information protection management system”, and through education for each employee, loss, destruction, falsification, damage, leakage of personal information We will endeavor to prevent such problems.

In addition, through daily checks and internal audits, we will detect any deficiencies at an early stage, investigate the cause, and take corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

4. Complaints and consultation regarding the handling of personal information

We will respond to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information as soon as possible.

5. Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

In order to protect personal information in response to changes in social conditions and advances in information technology, we will review this policy and strive for continuous improvement.

6. Handling of anonymously processed information

We do not handle anonymously processed information throughout our business. If handling occurs in the future, we will announce the necessary items required by laws and related guidelines, implement safety management measures, and handle them appropriately.

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