We develop systems to earn the trust of our clients at reasonable cost.

We believe in improving the systems and services we create with our clients.
Therefore, we may suggest that it would be better to prioritize verification with prototypes. Through system development, we aim to provide satisfactory product to our clients.

System and service development problems

  • The service concept has changed and engineering resources are no longer available
  • There is no distinction between prototype and full development, resulting in unexpectedly high development costs
  • ︎I would like to switch jobs for training, but can not secure extra resources
  • Difficulty in adjusting development resources to project progress
  • Temporary development man-months are needed for new development, but management resources are not available
  • Want to develop using new blockchain technology but lack knowledge


Offshore system development teams

We are honoured to accompany you on the journey to create the greatest products.


System development

We develop IT systems that satisfy client’s requirements.
Contracts are based on completion time and man-month. As a result, we offer two types of contracts: “Labo-type” which allows for flexibility work and “Project-based type ” which proceeds with estimated cost and schedule.


Web System



We use a wide range of technologies


System Operation

After the launch of the service, we will estimate the teamsize required to operate and maintain the system. We will conduct modification projects and infrastructure within certain man-month period.



Senior engineers at Solashi will listen to the client’s needs and manage the entire process, including technology selection, design,development, infrastructure construction and demo screen production. It is appropriate for clients who do not have internal project management resources


IT consulting

Please contact us if you have any ideas about the details of the system you plan to develop and look for a partner to collaborate with. We will actualize your ideas by a platform or software with the interface and features as you require.


Data Labeling

Please contact us when you need to hire personnel to perform data labels for the training dataset. We are capable of providing a large number of personnel with experience in creating datasets from image zoning, data classification from English or Japanese.

Why choose us


We own the highest level engineers who graduated from top-class universites of Science & Technology in Viet Nam.

Our engineers mainly graduated from top-class universities in science & technology, such as Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, University of Engineering and Technology- Vietnam National University…

Working together to create services

We always ask the client’s objectives from the beginning of development. This is repeatedly shared with project members and team meeting are held to instill the project’s meaning. Our team members are aware that “Delivering products in accordance with requirements is the part of the process”

Development system

When Solashi plays a role as Director/PM

・Assuming 4~10 members in Japan and Vietnam
・Estimated cost: 13000$ ~ 33000$ /month

When client plays a role as Director/PM

・Assuming 3~6 members in Vietnam
・Estimated cost: 8000$ ~ 20000$/month



Gacha game is a P2E game that using NFT

Project size

48 man-month

Completion time

6 months

Detail >


Implementation of the government's DNA matching system, from requirement definition to release/maintenance.

Project size

35 man-month

Completion time

5 months

Detail >


Total support for building equipment manufacturer's internal systems from requirement definition to release/maintenance

Project size

20 man-month

Completion time

4 months

Detail >



Is it better to have onsite project?


Solashi has completed many projects, but we have rarely maintained a permanent presence in Vietnam. It is more convenient to communicate offline, but in general, we can manage remote project in smooth way. However when a big project comes up, we will have offline conversations or long meetings to make sure everyone understand clearly.


Do I have to assign QA( Quality Assurance) from the beginning?


QA should be assigned from the beginning. Man-month should be allocated to development as much as possible in order to proceed with agile development at a rapid pace. QA with quality control expertise will work alongwith the project’s progress.


If our company don’t have people who have knowledge about IT, can we still develop offshore?


Yes, you can. Solashi has Japanese staff with experience in project management of system development and through conversations with senior-level engineers via BrSE, we can implement projects from the upper process of identifying requirements/ requirements definition.


Can I also request direction?


Yes, you can. Solashi can estimate man-month before the development starts and also manage development team and QA members. The client will have conversation with BrSE andlead engineer and then focus on providing information on the progress of development and other necessary information.


Can we communicate in Japanese?


Yes, we can. Solashi has BrSE who are fluent in more than one language, including Japanese. Our BrSE can translate requirements and convey them to engineers. We also have personnel who have experience in working with Japanese people and have knowledge about IT project management and system development methodologies.


Can I start agile development without specification?


The majority of Solashi’s clients are start-ups/new businesses and they prioritize the release of prototypes. We can provide rapid prototyping using web frameworks and agile development. To achieve both quality and speed, we use web frameworks, rapid prototyping and agile development.


What kind of support will I receive when launching my project?


Senior BrSE or Japanese staff will assist you for the first 2~3 months of the project’s process. If you have any questions about the project’s process or development, feel free to contact us at any time.


As a company in the field of information technology, we aim to earn the trust of society, clients and employees

Thank you for visiting Solashi’s website. I’ve been working with Japanese people for over ten years and have learned a lot about their way of thinking and conducting business. With this experience, I founded Solashi in February 2019 with the goal of “Creating an environment for everyone to develop together”.

Solashi is dedicated to delivering new values through technology and supporting our client’s businesses in growing.

Solashi Co., Ltd.


Hoang Dang Lam

Head office

No 35, 45 lane, Tran Thai Tong street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi

Branch office

18F, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Tong Str., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh

Phone number


Number of employees

50 (including part-time members)


Feb 2019

Solashi Japan Co., Ltd.


Akira Shimazoe

Japan office

Billage Shibuya C11 Ninomiya 1F, 18-4 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Aug 2022


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